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The Immigration Bill is on its way to being passed and it has the country sharply divided. Simply because the beneficiaries of this legislation form a huge vote bank big enough to tilt the next elections.This editorial tries to point out why this bill could get passed.

As it stands the the bill is a veiled amnesty program. While it is true that they do jobs that the average american would pass on it should not mean that they should get rewarded for being in the country illegally and go straight to the beginning of the immigration queue.

Already there are backlog elimination centers that cannot handle the backlog. So what happens when this whole new stream enters the system? The hundreds of professionals who are trying to migrate legally have just got their wait time extended. Clearly they are not part of any lobby hence they must wait 10 odd years.

A fast track, however, is to get into a nursing program as the US has a shortage of nurses and is welcoming nurses. An ex-coworker who used to lament the inordinate delays in migrating to the US, happened to marry a nurse from his home country, and voila, they got their green cards in record time. That's one way to beat the system.

Also, this NYT article (registration required) wonders what will happen to the healthcare of poor countries once the nurses from there rush to the US.

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