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Airline industry like a movie theatre

Your market expert said that the airline industry was like a movie theater. You buy a ticket to watch the movie. If you want popcorn that is extra. So what would a movie theater look like if run by the airlines? I would never know the price of a movie ticket and while I pay $12, the family next to me pays $4. When I get to the theater, they have no seats, or there is a line of 200 people waiting to get in. The movie won't start on time and the air conditioner doesn't work. And then when you get out of the theater, you car is gone and you have to walk home. When you call the movie theater about your car, they tell you they are not responsible for lost cars. Next week, you go back to the theater and they now charge $25 to park you car. You come back out two hours late and despite paying the parking fee, your car is gone again. I would gladly pay more money for baggage handling if there was actually an improvement in service. But here in Detroit, despite a new $1 billion terminal, you can wait an hour or more after you land before you get your luggage. After spending years flying, I dread going to the airport. Today, I either drive, take the train, or telecommute.

An NPR listener has this very apt analysis of the airline industry.

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