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"It will be alright"

(This was forwarded to me by a friend, author is unknown. )

This is one of my favorite sayings. Whenever I am coaching someone in a distressing situation, I quietly remind them that it will be alright. This reassurance often gives people the hope to prevail through whatever is getting them down.

When someone is overrun by a particular situation, it is generally because their focus is too narrow. All the concentration is aimed at the "problem" while ignoring the bigger picture. It Will Be Alright transfers the attention to a time in the future when everything is resolved. It breaks the emotional paralysis to allow one to take the action necessary to move forward.

Consider any situation in the past that you felt was terrible. Are you alright today with it? Chances are, short of a terminal illness, every situation was resolved and is no longer an issue in your life. Even if it did not work out to your liking, it still is in the past. The only way that it affects you is when you think about it. The rest of the time it is a distant memory.

People often make the mistake of making problems permanent. They are not. Rather, they are temporary situations that will be overcome. If the checking account is overdrawn, someday there will be a positive balance in there. If you are overweight, you need not be heavy forever. Alone? That does not mean that you will not meet the person that you will spend the rest of your life with. Any circumstance you are presently experiencing is a temporary situation and should be treated as such.

The old saying "down the road we will laugh about this" applies. Instead of waiting until a later time, laugh about it now. Tell yourself that no matter what is occurring, it will be alright. Practice faith in this statement in all that you do.

The key is action. However, often, before we can take it, we need to break the emotional stranglehold that we put ourselves under. Pumping a degree of hope into a hopeless situation frees us to take the necessary action to move forward. Remember this when you feel circumstances in your life are getting you down.

It Will Be Alright. Every problem, situation, or circumstance that you are now experiencing will be far in the past at some point in time. The overcoming of present challenges makes us stronger in the future. It is this growth that enables us to handle bigger events as time progresses. View these situations from this perspective and you will get greater results in your development.

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