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Mumbai beggars make Rs 180 cr

This headline of the Economic Times really grabs your attention.

Last week, the Maharashtra government told the state legislative council that beggars in the city earn a whopping Rs 180 crore a year and that the number of mendicants had risen from 20,000 in 1963 to six lakh at present

Just left wondering, how did the Govt. arrive at this figure. It's not like these mendicants are registered with the state so the officer in charge can do a census and come up with that figure. And come to think of it beggars are not handed out 500 rupee notes, so how do they come up with this number. Well the article does not tell you that so that is left to your imagination. May be the actual number was less or may be more. May be that number was someone's imagination, no?

Update: After my post on begging in mumbai, a Mumbai mirror correspondent decided to find out for real and netted Rs 18 in 4 hours.

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