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Mumbai in the aftermath, the spirit lives on

A Mumbaikar is rude ! Hope Readers Digest prints the stories of yesterday in their forthcoming issue about how, time and again, the common Mumbaikar has descended on the streets to help his brethren in distress, be it a 26/7 or an 11/7. In the pictures flashed on each channel and media, did we see yellow tapes, ambulances and city officials? We saw the spirit of the People of Mumbai, rushing to help the victims, no matter what!

This is the comment in response to how the people of Mumbai rallied around to help even strangers, the same Mumbai that was dubbed the rudest city by a Reader's Digest survey.
Mumbai is back on it's feet and everything seems back to normal. Even the stockmarket index went up which proves that the intended purpose (to cause panic and hurt the economy by attacking the financial capital of India) of these attacks was defeated! Well done Mumbai!!!

In his post Patrix points to this article in the Washington Post that asks how long will the patience of the Indian people and their Government continue with their neighbor that does not believe in giving up it's nefarious activities.
This is further confirmed when their foreign minister makes this statement while the leaders of the world have slammed the incident.
''I think the Mumbai incident — however tragic it may be and it is undoubtedly very tragic — underlines the need for the two countries to work together to control this environment, but they can only do so if they resolve their disputes,'' Kasuri said in a vulgar reprise of his military leader Pervez Musharraf's threat some time back that if India did not address the Kashmir issue, Pakistan had ''other options.''

As Rice said 'There is no political cause that can justify the murder of innocent people".
A friend of mine in respone to the attacks said "Let's nuke the b*****s". I guess no one will blame India if it's patience runs out and it does just that.

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