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Yahoo Mail Beta

Just got the beta version of the new yahoo mail this morning. And I must say I like it from the word go. Using AJAX the user experience is almost like using a desktop email client such as Outlook. To sign up for this beta version click here

Hotmail users can choose to use the Windows Live Beta version, but once you select it you are discouraged from going back even if you do not like this version. And the beta version leaves a lot to be desired. It is slow and there is very little room for the actual email. The top 35% space of the screen is taken over by banners. Every second day, they have a rollback of features because what they introduced was buggy. It does not look like a product put out by a cash rich company but then Microsoft never had products that worked from day one, they always needed a patch or an upgrade. It looks like a bad time for Gates to step down.

Update: Yahoo Mail Beta also provides support for RSS feeds. On the left hand navigation if you click on the arrow near All RSS Feeds,
you can subscribe to the RSS feeds of your choice. That's cool is it not?

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