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World Cup fever

World Cup fever seems to have affected even the holy men. First we have reports that monks are too tired to ask for alms after staying up late to watch the games. And now abhi shows us how the holy men are enjoying themselves in between meditation.
Soon we might have teams of godmen (most probably not but hey just for the sake of argument) So when they play are they allowed to curse or foul a fellow player. And what happens if they are given a yellow card, do they have to meditate longer, will they then ban the game for godmen...hey atleast it brings out the child in everyone, so what if you're a man of God, you deserve to play the game too, right?

Now coming to the World Cup, have you seen the tension writ largely on the faces of the players in the games now, knowing they may be eliminated. I have never seen such stress displayed in any other game. In cricket we never really see any fightbacks, it's mostly droppy shoulders let's get it over with kindda attitude. Also what might be going on behind the scenes with all the match fixing etc. who knows?

This is not to say that it does not happen in the world of soccer, I remember a few years ago, Brazil was the hot favorite to win the cup and they even reached the finals. But in the finals they played like a bunch of school kids out on recess. That really stunk. Who knows what happened there, yes tension can be faked just as injuries, but for the most part, its the urgency that's displayed that makes it so great. Here they are the million dollar players who have left their clubs for a brief period to adorn their national colors which is the greatest legacy you can leave behind. The heights you reach for your home country are always the most cherished.
And lastly don't forget the goal keeper, man, that guy has the most thankless job. He may save a thousand shots but if just one goes through, phoof he becomes fair target for the whole world, no matter if the defence did not do their job or even if the opposition got lucky with a free kick or one of his guys got a red card so they are playing with 10 men. But bottomline is he should have saved it, right? Tough crowd huh?

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