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Can you hear me now?

This famous ad line of one of the major cellular companies will have to be re-worked because teenagers today are downloading high pitched ringtones that adults cannot hear. The reason being as people age, many develop what's known as aging ear — a loss of the ability to hear higher-frequency sounds. More on this.

While still on the subject of cell-phones, Vinnie Merchandani features a guest column by Rajagopal Sukumar on the changes in India an expatriate,who has lived abroad for a decade, is bound to notice. This definitely struck a chord personally, as I made a trip recently after being away for a while and could spot the differences. How cellphones calls are dirt cheap (which once upon a time used to cost Rs 16 per min and was considered a status symbol) is now used by everyone from the rich to the poor, from a rickshaw driver to a businessman, from parents to teenagers.

If that's not all, there is the invention know as the "missed call". Why waste precious airtime leaving a voice mail. Using caller-id, the recepient will immediately know the origin of the call.

Elsewhere, a Japanese film released last year which revolved around the same subject. May be we might see a Bollywood version soon.

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