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Is this the end of outsourcing?

Apple Computers has decide to shut down it's Bangalore centre, leaving many jobless without any notice. Finally India, the land of strikes, labor unions and indefinite lockouts is confronted with the global phenomenon of 'hire & fire'.

Over the last few years call centres have become a household name. There is even a book about life in a call centre. There are several blogs devoted to outsourcing.

With the industry trying to decipher future trends, is this the beginning of the end? With rising costs, shortage of skilled workers and high turnover, will India price itself out of the BPO market and will companies start looking for cheaper services elsewhere like China & Phillipines?

While Apple has closed its own centre, it still had maintained its third party contracts, which means that it still believes in "outsourcing" to third party vendors. So may be that business model still works in India's favor and BPOs can assume they have nothing to worry atleast for the moment. Will have to wait and watch how it all plays out.

Among other things, got a "new graphic site" email in my yahoo email from several people. Turns out its a virus affecting yahoo mail. Once opened, the message infects the computer and spreads to other users listed in Yahoo users' e-mail address books.

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