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Lord of War (Review)

Got a chance to see the film - Lord of War. It's about the life of an arms dealer played brilliantly (as usual, as we seen recently in National Treasure) by Nicolas Cage. The opening credits set the stage for the film when it shows the journey of a bullet as it travels from an assembly line to the head of a boy in Africa.

While the film may not be the year's best, it's an essay on the black market in arms right through history. How the Cold War let both the super powers to amass arms for a showdown that never happened. The decline of the powerful Soviet Union, which led to an arms chest with no owners leading to billions of dollars worth of arms stolen and sold to the highest bidder in the black market. The film cleverly makes references to actual people and events which took place.
One of the lines in the film are that the best exports from Russia to the world were 'AK-47s, vodka and caviar.. in that order'. Infact the AK-47 has been seen to be more a weapon of mass destruction than a nuclear warhead. For more on all this read here. Amnesty International even has a section in support of the film.

It's a telling comment when at the end the film mentions that the top five leading arms sellers of the world are also permanent members of the UN Security Council. How ironical is that?

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