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Is this journalism yellow?

After my post about Bollywood's xerox machine, it seems that it's not just the film industry's prerogative to pass of some one else's work as their own, or to get inspired by someone else's idea be it a film, a book(the Kaavya Vishwanathan episode) and now even reviews.
Amit points out how reviewers from India's prominent publications resort to plagiarism even while writing their reviews.
Kaaya's excuse was that she had internalized certain passages from the books she read. What's the excuse for these publications?
As far the national dailies / magazines go, once reputation was everything, now they are just a bunch of tabloids. This post details all that is so wrong with the print media.
If their reviewers have to resort to plagiarism then it's a sign of the times (no pun intended).The headlines on their websites are so creative that they bear no resemblance to the actual story, just enough to get the visitor to click on them. Often you find stories which have been lifted up straight from the foreign press and displayed as if it was their staff reporter doing their job, and ofcourse. with a different headline. Is this the beginning of the end?
Desi Pundit has summary of blogs that have been set up to keep an eye on the TOI. May be, just may be someone in the TOI will be shamed enough to stop the rot.

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