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Ken Lay beats the rap

How? By dying while on vacation before getting sentenced . That way the Government's case against one of the biggest corporate criminals in history is dead. This will now complicate the case to seize his assets. With what remains of his estate it will hardly cover even a small fraction of the amounts that the shareholders and ex-employees of Enron are suing for in their class action suits which runs into billions.

Lay has always hobnobbed with the powerful politicians. His association with politicians got him the Dabhol power project in India. Enron by its very nature had a culture of corruption. There were allegations that payouts had been made to the subsequent governments in power in Maharashtra. And then when things went bad they said India was unworkable . In reality it was Enron that robbed India. There was flat denial of any human rights violations.

Lay was a personal friend of Bush. In fact, after news of Lay's death, it was reported that Larry King speculated whether to ask President Bush in his second interview about his association with Lay.

Coming back to Lay, his death, while saving his family from financial ruin, has left a lot of people feeling cheated because not only are they not going to get any of their money back but Lay did not serve a single day of what was supposed to be, atleast a decade, in prison.

Ironically, Lay supposedly always believed in God, so is God calling him for justice?

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