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Commercials doublespeak

Rashmi comments on commercials becoming increasingly risque in India resorting to attention grabbing tactics.

Is that a pen in your pocket mister? Or are you .. just happy to see me ??... Lexi pens, now, in every paacket in your city

This ad for Lexi pens (listen to it here) plays day in and day out on the radio and I am not sure what to make of it. I mean it's silly enough to pass off as humour and yet.. in a country where colleges are banning jeans because :

a) it ensures discipline
b) low waist jeans and short tops represent a threat to collective morality

It shouldn't be long, before 'pens in pockets' get the axe ...

As we have seen from the World's Funniest Commercials advertisers will do anything to make their ads stand out.
The logic is if nothing the people will remember the ad and the brand associated with it.Often at times the ads are so far fetched, it is tough to determine what product they are marketing.

So will we have more of these kind of commercials (link) or will the so called "censors/moral police" step in and decide what can be heard on radio and seen on tv ?

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