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Wanted new Comedians

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Sick of watching the promos of Talladega Nights.
That's Will Farrell's latest release. I think he should have stuck to his day job at Saturday Night Live and spared us this misery. If he was mildly bearable in SNL, in films, he is as funny as a doorknob, whether he played an elf or an anchorman.

It's funny how you watch a promo and you can tell if a film is worth watching or not. And more often than not you find the only funny scenes in the movie were already shown to you , that's right, in the promo. You feel like somebody took you for your money, right?

SNL is a great platform to do parodies and poke fun at everyone but take that away and the actors just can't hold their own. It's really sad. Look at Jimmy Fallon, can't seem to make that film career work. Now you are gonna say Mike Meyers, yes he did come from SNL, but with his talent did he really need SNL. He would have definitely found another medium.

Ben Stiller is another one of those actors who has acted in every pathetic movie from the past decade. I think he is so pathetic that he should not even be dignified by writing about him.

It's surprising how these guys find the resources to make their films and then an audience to go and see them. What demographics are they targeting ? Do you have to have a negative IQ to get their humor? I bet they would suck if they had to do slapstick say like the Three Stooges.

Why don't these people retire or simply change professions and make way for fresh blood who can really be funny and make us WANT to go to the movies?

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