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Failure to Launch : Review

Saw the movie Failure to Launch, and as if the title of the film was a self fulfilling prophesy, it failed to launch.
I looks like the makers of the film tried to ride on the success of How to Lose a Guy in 10 days. But sadly Sarah Jessica Parker from Sex and the City, is no Kate Hudson. In fact she looks too old for Matt. And there is absolutely no chemistry between the two. Matt himself should stop trying to look shabby while he is still a marketable romantic comedy star.

The film does have much of a story. In this day & age, Matt who is not your typical loser guy still stays at home and his parents hatch a plot of get him to move out. They enlist the services of someone to 'intervene' for them. Could not figure out why the macho father (since they picked a real life football famer) could not have a man to man talk with this son.

The only things worth watching are some shots of dolphins which were really done nicely. At the end of movie all I could think of was that I would love to own a boat. May be it could serve as a commercial for the Boating industry.

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