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Top 10 Password Do's and Don'ts

RSA Security has some do's and don'ts regarding passwords:
Top 5 Password Do's
  1. Make your password at least 8 characters long.
  2. Include different types of characters in your passwords - lowercase and capital letters, numbers, punctuation, symbols etc. The greater the variety of characters that you have in your password, the harder it is for others to figure out.
  3. Use different passwords for every application.
  4. Consider using a phrase rather than a word. For example - "I drop Bella off at school at 9:00." If your system does not allow spaces or has password size limitations, use the first letter or number from each word - "IdBo@s@9."
  5. Change your passwords at least once every 3 months.
Top 5 Password Don'ts
  1. Do not use personal information like your name, account number, date of birth, anniversary or the name of your pet or child. These are some of the first passwords hackers will try.
  2. Avoid using words that can be found in the dictionary - even in foreign languages. Words spelled backwards are still risky choices.
  3. Do not reuse the same password from the previous nine months.
  4. Avoid having 3 or more repeated or consecutive characters in your password.
  5. Do not tell anyone your password.

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