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AJAX : The top ten list

We all have seen the rich creative interactive web applications developed in AJAX (short for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) especially since Google showcased it in Google Maps, Gmail and Google Suggest.

Dan Grossman has put forth a list of top 10 Ajax applications:

1. Kiko. A general purpose online calendar.

2. Backbase’s RSS Reader.

3. Backpack. To do list organizer and simple project management application which includes email and mobile reminders.

4. Writely. Online word processor.

5. Amazon Zuggest. Francis Shanahan’s version of Google Suggest–but for Amazon.

6. TimeTracker. Personal time management tool.

7. Director. Rich UI for managing your links.

8. Backbase’s Information Portal. A highly interactive aggregation page.

9. Protopage. Another twist on an information portal.

10. Periodic Table of the Elements.

I can't say I agree totally with all of these because I am sure there are applications out there as good or may be even better that did not make the list, what do you think?

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