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43things the to-do list for the world.

We all have our "to do" list. Things like "pay your bills" or "do your laundary". But how about a to do list that includes goals and desires that you would like to achieve. For example it could be "try sky diving" or "climb Mount Everest" or "run the NYC marathon". And what if this list was public and you could see how many more people like you want to do the same thing. Would it not be great? Well is just that.

It's pretty ease to create an account and the homepage is just a collage of all the things that people want to do. When you click on a tag it takes you to all the users who want to or have done that thing, thus adding the element of communal support.

Thus it is a networking site but with a difference. Try it out and you will be hooked. 43things is available at

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