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Khosla ka Ghosla : Thumbs up

I have been posting fewer posts recenty and that's because I could not simply find time to write. So coming out of this slump is a movie review.
Khosla ka Ghosla turned out to be more than expected. While the promos suggested it would be not be a typical run of the mill Hindi movie, it far surpassed expectations. The characters were very well developed and the Delhi background was done just right. Anupam Kher is always good playing the harassed middle class gentleman right from his Saraansh days. And the rest of the cast have ably supported him.
But the guy who has made it a habit of getting under the skin of characters is once again Lucky Singh oops Khurana sorry Boman Irani.

The story of land grabbing builders occupying properties purchased by unsuspecting middle class owners and then making them run around to get it back seems very familiar. In fact up until that point you are not even sure which way the film is going and you are half worried it's going to be one of the arty movies that depict 'reality' making the audience squirm in their seats coz you did not come to see this. You get that in your backyard right?

Wrong thats where the movie redeems itself. Things are running along smooth and the soundtrack keeps up with the light mood right until Kher lands in jail. That's because his younger son Bunty(Ranvir Shorey) hired the local pehelwans to vacate the the hired goons of the builder. But before they can savor their winnings the cops come knocking on the door taking Khosla straight to jail because obviously the corrupt cops and the builder are hand in glove and Khosla cannot do anything about it.
Then you wonder oh no is this another fight the corrupt system kindda movie or pathetic India tragedy. Not for long because Khosla's disinterested elder IT son 'Cherry' -short for Chiraunjilal (what a name a point higlighted by his agent) who already had plans to fly to NY for his new job ropes in his agent who is getting his visa done.
As luck would have it his agent Asif Iqbal (played well by Vinay Pathak) has a past score to settle with Khurana and so the two along with the Cherry's theatre girlfriend Meghna (Tara Sharma ) and her Bapu(Navin Nischol) set out to scam the scammers. How they go about pulling that off is the plot. While the movie drags for a bit it is pulled back together and ends on a feel good note. Overall a Thumbs up!

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