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Indian Million Dollar HomePage

After having blogged about the Million Dollar Homepage here. Now comes the desi version. Just as we had a copy of who wants to be a millionaire, called Kaun banega crorepati we have a desi version of this idea too.

A 28-year-old Indian woman who last December started, an advertising billboard on the Internet for Indians alone, has already earned around $5000, not an insignificant sum in India, The Hindu Business Line reports. Sunaina Bansal hopes to emulate the success of Briton Alex Tew’s Million Dollar Home Page from which Tew reportedly earned a million dollars.

‘Crorepati’ is a Hindi word that means ‘One who owns a crore of Rupees.’ A crore is equal to 10 million, so a crore of rupees would be about $227,272. The better-known advertisers on Bansal’s page are matrimonial site, engineering conglomerate Kirloskar and (via)

Why can't Indians be the first to create something, why only copy? Is it because the risk is less with an idea that is already a hit?

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