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Jassi jaissi Betty hain

Well do you remember Jassi jaissi koi nahin, the pic below should jog your brain cells

Well the BBC reports that her Latin cousin is doing pretty well

It is not worth trying to ring anyone here in Colombia at 9.30 at night. They will either ignore the phone or answer it with ill humour.
Because this is the time the nation's favourite soap opera, I am Betty the Ugly, is shown, and it has become little short of a religious ritual.

And as usual whatever hit show is out there has to be duplicated in America, be it Who Wants to be a Millionaire or American Idol, ABC's fall schedule has this

Click here for a preview.

Pratik asks is this a first? You bet, until they can replicate our saas bahu serials. You never know do you?
After my rant about Indians not being original it seems neither is the West. I guess the saying "Plagiarism is the best form of flattery" still rings true.

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