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Top ten ways to make yourself a Youtube star

The register has a compilation of ways to becoming a Youtube star. Some of them are actually doing the silliest /dumbest things you can think of. After all, who does not like to watch someone make a fool of themselves.
So here's the list

1. Lip-synching

Who has not seen the lip synching of "I want it that way"?
Examples: here and here.

2. Animals do the funniest things
Grab TV footage and post it
Examples: here and here.

3. Have an original idea no-one else would bother to do
such as a girl who's taken a photo of her face once a day for THREE years, and then strung them all together into a video-montage.

4. Fight strangers in the street
No-holds-barred fighting competitions are hugely popular on YouTube,
Examples: here and here.

5. Get your camphone out at gigs
Record new songs of bands using your camera phone and post it on youtube
Examples : here and here.

6. Be bloody good at videogames
Amazingly(and silly) gaming feats. Examples: here and here.

7. Corrupt innocent childrens' characters
Any spoofs and parodies of popular kids TV shows. Examples: here and here.

8. Drink. Lots.
Fratboy antics, people downing pints, bottles and yards of ale, and in one memorable case, Examples: here and here.

9. Rip obscure Japanese cartoons off the telly
Post DVD rip version of Japanese cartoons and you should find yourself an audience.
10. Make high-quality one-minute vids reviewing hot gadgets of the day
Apparently every tech gadget reviewer is guilty of doing that.


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