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The British Hangover in 2006

"Indians were denied entry to Sports Bar in Colaba, Mumbai, India on Thursday night "

Wait stop, this is not pre 1947 but a headline in Mumbai Mirror in the year 2006.

That's right the 'Raj' hangover still exists in whatever form it be. When India is supposed to be one of the "hottest economies" to invest it still has its shares of Mir Jaffers.

Check this out " the bar was closed because of dry day rules that allowed the bar to only serve liquor to foreigners. But oddly, while there is no rule restricting entry to Indians who were not planning to buy liquor, bouncers outside the bar stopped all people who looked like natives".

First of all, if Indians can't be served liquor, how is that foreigners can?

The Infosys and TCS chieftains speak of world domination in the new global economy but the subservient mentality never seems to go away.

Imagine this :
An Indian is standing in a line for something, it could be anything under the sun, and after/before him is what the 'natives' call a "Gora" and the the person at the counter is an Indian.
Guess who gets preferrential treatment? Sorry even if its the 25th century for all I care, the state of affairs remains the same.

Like one Indian who was denied entry to the bar commented " They might as well put up a notice saying "No entry for Indians and dogs"

We need some patriots to shut down places like these, any volunteers? or has everyone sold their souls to the mighty dollar?

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