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The Indian connection in Freakonomics

If you have read Freakonomics you must have wondered whether the guy mentioned in the Chapter "Why do Drug dealers live with their Mom?" was real.

If he did all this then where is he today? Was this just one assignment for him? Why is he not writing a book or why is the media not talking about him?

For once rediff in it's specials when talking about an NRI is not talking how he went from rags to zillions. For once they have managed to convey a little bit of the essence of this guy.
Yes his name is Sudhir Alladi Venkatesh and he should be applauded for what he is doing.
Way to go Sudhir!! In a world filled with people only interested in bank balances, he is thinking about the people as human beings, the marginalised, the social outcasts and the immigrants for whom life is a struggle everyday.

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