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Alternative professions for the cricket team

With the dismal performance of the Indian cricket team in South Africa, is it time for the guys to look for alternative professions?
It's funny as long as you are winning (no matter even if it was plain luck things are hunky dory) but when you lose all hell breaks loose. Let's see.. they are baying for Pawar's blood now, of course Chappell and Dravid is a given, so who is next?

Well Sakshi Juneja from Desicritics has these suggestions :

Sachin Tendulkar - Can give medical seminars on Tennis Elbow and how to emerge from such a dreaded physical disability. Plus he could also start a consulting firm dealing with matters regarding importing of expensive cars and how to avoid paying taxes on them.

Rahul Dravid - The Indian captain is most suited for the Finance and Banking field thanks to his dependable personality. Since he is already a brand ambassador for Baroda Bank, maybe they will offer him a full-time job.

Mahindra Singh Dhoni - No guessing here, this fella is most likely to succeed in the Hairstyle modeling industry. Maybe a profession as a permanent barber would work well for him. He could probably join Harbhajan Singh's hair salon in Punjab.

Virendra Sehwag - I say, he should offer his balding head to companies experimenting with 'hair extensions', 'hair weaving' and the like. Maybe not too much money but a tleast there are chances of him getting some hair back.

Harbhajan Singh - Well Bhaji baby already has his future set with his up-coming chain of hair-salons. But he could also try his hand at Punjabi movies, since he has the expertise of ad modeling.

SK Raina - This guy needs to go back to school and complete his education.

Mohammad Kaif - He should consider a profession as a masseur. With his pair of firm and safe hands, this is an ideal field for him.

Zaheer Khan - He would do well by joining a firm which caters to people with Long Term Disability. With his history of cricket-related injuries, he could become their highest-selling agent.

Ajit Agarkar - Now this dude can earn millions with his cricket formula. He could teach up-coming players how to stay within the national team even when not deserving a place.

Anymore ideas?

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