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Is the media reporting only what sells?

Hobbit Hobb asks is the Indian media biased towards popular news:

The debate and discussions on media-bias have been carried out innumerable
times already. There have been debates on hundreds of crime victims elsewhere in
the country whose cases the media chose to ignore. Does a opening of a store by
a Bollywood star makes more TRP sense for the media than what happens beyond the metros?

In today's world, the news that we read or watch is what is brought to the forefront simply because of TRP ratings. After all when a newschannel or a newspaper has to be commercially viable, it ultimately ends up crossing over the line and reporting only what would ensure its survival.

Therefore at time we have the ridiculous scenario where a donkey drowning in a pond somewhere is breaking news whereas other important details could be easily ignored.
Even the US media is guilty of this, every week there is one topic of interest that is picked up and reported upon repeatedly across all networks for days on until the next issue presents itself. First there was Madonna's adoption followed by Britney Spear' breakup and meltdown and so on. Celebrity news sells more hence you have the British tabloids hounding Prince Williams Girlfriend.
Also the reporting bias is definitely obvious where certain news items reported on the BBC never make it to the US media.
And then there is news that is tailored depending upon which part of the world you live in. So definitely news is what would be popular.

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