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Do you need an orkut invite?

Recently completed one of my tasks on 43things which was to get an orkut invitation.

Orkut is an online community like Friendster and Myspace. What makes it popular is that it is backed by Google. To login you need to have a google account. And like Gmail it is an invitation only group, which means you need to be invited my another member.

That I guess is how you make a membership coveted. When Gmail first came out, it was a cool thing to have a Gmail account because you could not just sign up for it, someone had to invite you.

While there are orkut members out there who will sell an invite
I would gladly give out invites free.

All you need to do is leave some feedback about this blog along with your name(first & last) & email address.

Folks looking for gmail invites are welcome too.

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48 Responses to “Do you need an orkut invite?”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Thanks for the chance to make a Orkut invitation.  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I would love to have an orkut invite please.


  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I need a Orkut invitation, my name is Almenara,Valmir and my e-mail is Thank you!!!  

  4. # Anonymous gedal

    Cool blog...useful portal to otherwise exclusive domain.

    Gedal Basman  

  5. # Blogger asheqik

    cool blog but u need to workout the layouts.
    looking for orkut invitation hope u will send me one  

  6. # Anonymous Anonymous

    That sounds cool... Usually whatever google backs is gonna be innovative so its definitely worth a shot.


  7. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Really tight site, for the most part everything looks good
    Chris Cooley

  8. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I think what you are doing is in the greatest spirit of sharing on the web, and i like your blog! I salute you and what you are doing. I am a busy Fireman in Alabama and i know eventually i will get invites to give away myself. I will. Thanks again. When i am not here or On a Fire Call you can find me at I go by "firemcd" there. If you join there, your FIRST POST MUST BE AN INTRODUCTION. (Kind of like this!)Thanks! :)  

  9. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Sounds great! Send me an invite?


  10. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I would like an invite also!

    Thank you very much!  

  11. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I would like an invite also!

    Thank you very much!  

  12. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I would like an invite :)  

  13. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Please send an invite to  

  14. # Anonymous Anonymous

    please send to thanx  

  15. # Anonymous Anonymous

    thank you. please send me and invite to orkut please ...
    sammy tan
    warmest regards to you.  

  16. # Anonymous Anonymous

    nice site. have you thought about using wordpress?
    an Orkut invite would be nice.  

  17. # Anonymous Anonymous

    nice site clean look ..
    i would like a orkut invite please

    email is jose313 at  

  18. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Mike Renalto

    I would like an orkut invite, please! thanks!  

  19. # Blogger C.G.

    Hi All,

    I have sent you all orkut invites.

    Anonymous - Regarding using Wordpress, I have tried to use a wordpress style template while still on blogger. Porting to the entire blog on to a wordpress domain is very time consuming and I might think about it in the future.

    Asheqik - I don't know what you mean by layouts. You can email me your suggestions.

    Thanks to everyone for their feedback.


  20. # Anonymous Anonymous


    i will like to join orkut. can someone send me an invitation to


  21. # Anonymous pablo


    can i have an invitation to orkut sent to


  22. # Anonymous Anonymous


    I want an invite, could you please send one at

    Thanks a lot.

  23. # Anonymous Anonymous


    I want an invite, could you please send one at

    Thanks a lot.

  24. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Greetings, I'd be much obliged for an Orkut invite.

    Thank you in advance.  

  25. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Please send me an invite  

  26. # Blogger binarypunk

    If you are still able to giv eout the invite I would love one,
    Tyler Wann  

  27. # Anonymous Anonymous

    If you could send me an invite, I would be ever so greatful.  

  28. # Anonymous Anonymous if one is still available.

    I've been trying and failing miserably to obtain an Orkut invite for quite some time. I'm looking to migrate much of what I do online to Google's services and Orkut would fit perfectly.  

  29. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Have been wanting to check it out. If you still have an invite left:  

  30. # Anonymous Anonymous

    can i pls have a orkut invite,
    my id is
    pls i beg u!!!!!!!
    sadiq ali  

  31. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Isn't it crazy now-a-days how many social bookmarking sites there are? You check out someone's website and there is a row of pictures. Life is about choices so why shouldn't bookmarking. I'd be very happy if you could facilitate an Orkut invite.


  32. # Anonymous Anonymous

    hey...plz send my an orkut invite at

  33. # Anonymous rename

    I'd like to get an invite for Orkut please,

    rename12 at yahoo dot com  

  34. # Anonymous Anonymous

    please send me an orkut invitation i will be really grateful  

  35. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Pl send me an orkut invite!  

  36. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Can you please send me a orkut invite on
    Thank you  

  37. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Hi send me an invite pls  

  38. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Hi mate...!

    I liked your jottings very much.

    Can you send me an orkut invite at ?...plzz i want it ever so badly..


  39. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Your Blog needs ZING...
    So make ur blog a bit more colorful with background images & stuff like that...I think it will certainly make ur blog stand-out.

    So if u liked my comment on your blog, then please do me a favour, by mailing Orkut invites to me at


  40. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Hey C.G

    You have made a really cool blogspot.

    Neat layout looks interesting.

    Can i have a Orkut invitation pls....
    My email id is

    Thanks in advance for the invitation. C.G  

  41. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Hi, Interesting blog.
    I'd like to get an orkut invite too,  

  42. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Hi, I'm interested also.
    An invite would be greatly appreciated.  

  43. # Anonymous pixeltarian

    I've wanted to try out orkut for a while... thanks so much in advance!


  44. # Anonymous Anonymous


    I'd really appreciate if you can send me an invite.
    Rohit Khanna

    Thanks :)  

  45. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I'd like an invite please..

    rohit Khanna
    Thanks for doing such a wonderful job..


  46. # Anonymous Orlando Castillo

    Well, I want to try this Orkut site out, so I'd like an invite but, in any event, I have always wanted to leave feedback for your blog, so this is a good chance:

    (1) it's great that you update it regularly, especially since the content is so useful
    (2) the greatest thing I've gotten from this blog (from your top 10 Ajax list) is learning about the existence of something called AJAX!. I'm trying to incorporate many gadgets into my chemistry class webpage now
    (3) too many google ads, but hey, I suppose you can't avoid that :P


  47. # Blogger C.G.

    Hi All,

    I have sent out invites to everyone who has asked for them and thanks for your comments.

    Orlando, Thank you for your encouraging comments but you have forgotten to enter your email id for the orkut invite. You can email me and I will be more than happy to send you an invite.


  48. # Anonymous sasi annan

    please send me an orkut invitation  

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