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Indian survivor

The new season of Survivor has drawn criticism because the contestants on it will be divided based on ethinicity. That means blacks, whites, Latinos and Asians in separate groups.

Shakes feels based on stereotypes it is better that there is no Indian group.
Do you agree / disagree with these reasons :

  • There would be no fire in the Indian camp for 4 weeks. No one on the Indian team would take the initiative and their would be massive infighting over the "Fire-Making Scheme." Finally a fire will be inadvertantly started when one ofthe trendy young males uses his Parachute brand coconut hair oil as fuel.
  • No one would build a shelter. Instead everyone would scurry off to their own corner of the camp.
  • While the other tribes would initially use local island coconuts to provide sustenance in the early days, the Indian tribe would destroy all their coconuts while doing a puja
  • If Deepak Chopra were on the show he would be on the White team
  • One of the Indian members would start a protest for an undiscernible reason and proceed to fast for 20 days. This would be his excuse for not having to do work.
  • One of the female desis would find a way to smuggle her cellphone on the island, only to see that it doesn't get any reception.
  • One of male characters, "Anand," would only wear very large white reebok shoes and a dhoti
  • While trying to pick a tribe leader, several members of the team would choose an Italian woman from the White team.
  • The Indian team would never win a challenge. Never.
  • The Indian team would be the only one that would ask the host if it's possible to vote off more than one of their members at a time
  • After the 3rd day the desi camp would be mysteriously littered with paan stains (via)

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